Oops, forgot that I ought to update this page as well. All info and downloads of JSmbGet are currently available at the project homepage. I've just let go a new release, so go there!

I totally rewrote the protocol. The way I did it first was just stupid. Hopefully it'll work better now and be more longlasting. Have a few issues to sort out before I can really get to the fun part - creating a functional client, but hopefully it will happen within the next few weeks.

The protocol is more or less written and implemented. For those interested it can be downloaded here:
<I removed these downloads, cause they're not valid anymore>

- - -
Finally started writing some code. I now what I want to do, and more or less how to do it.
You can expect a preview release in the next few weeks or so.


The use of this project is to browse remote smb networks and transfer files to/from remote networks.
It will consist of two parts; a server part and a client part.
The server needs to be placed on a computer situated within the remote network that you wish to browse.
The client communicates with the server via a simple socket interface and enables you to browse the remote
network as if it was your own. Since you can connect to the server on any port you like, you can access the smb network
even if the smb port on that network is blocked.

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